I Can’t Relate Blog is a co-authored blog written by a forty-something year old mother and a 13-year old daughter about their complex, dynamic relationship.  Margaret, a Gen-Zr, is entering puberty and her mother, Shana, a Gen Xr, is sploshing her way through the mid-life crisis years.  Lots of hormones flying around this household.  Which makes for some interesting situations.

I Can’t Relate Blog focuses on Margaret’s and Shana’s often very different viewpoints about everything from everyday life to special occasions. Sprinkled in are the rare but cherished times when this mom and daughter pair actually see things eye-to-eye. Which makes for some interesting content.

It is our hope  whether you’re a mother or a daughter (or God help you, some random person who accidentally stumbled onto this blog), you will be able to relate to some of our viewpoints and experiences during these crazy-making yet memorable years.

Mothers, you are not alone in your struggle to understand your daughters – and daughters, you are not alone in your struggle to be understood by your mother.   

Welcome to our “I can’t relate” relationship!