About Margaret

Margaret has always been like having five kids wrapped in one.  She is a tapestry of divergent qualities that, weaved together, just work so well.  She has the curiosity of Alice in Wonderland, the “know-it-allness” of Hermione, the strategic mind of Maleficent, the skepticism of Holden Caulfield, the ingenuity of Flick the ant, the zany energy of Tigger, and aside from the grouchiness of Oscar from Sesame Street, a heart made of a million pixels of gold.

She loves playing Minecraft almost as much as reading James Dashner books and arguing with her sister.

Margaret is a thinking machine.  If the quantity of ideas in Margaret’s mind in any given day could be lit up like a string of Christmas tree lights, her head would look like Chevy Chase’s house in Christmas Vacation.

Margaret loves to draw and boy can that girl draw.  Sketching is her passion and though I can’t relate, I love it because it doesn’t cost much. Just a fancy art pencil and a sketch book.  Which is so much cheaper than renting out an ice-rink or buying a horse.  She also enjoys playing the guitar (slightly more expensive than drawing but reasonably priced), singing (free!), watching YouTube nonstop (really annoying but also free), listening to Sean Mendez songs (free if we don’t download them), learning how to expertly defend herself against people pretending to attack her (otherwise known as Krav Maga and nowhere near free).

In the nutshell, some days feel like an episode of I Love Lucy, other days feel like Shark Tank.

Above all, Margaret, is one of the three loves of my life.  We have the same eyes but she is not my mini-me; she is my better-than-me.