Meditation on a ___

So, I recently wrote the following poem for my Creative Writing class. We had to choose an object in class and write from that object’s perspective. Can you guess what I chose?


To sit calmly in the tall grass

As mother nature caresses your head

With her gentle wind

Among shriveled trees

Sighing in the woodchip gust

To see an airplane taking flight

In the midst of the rich savanna

Beautiful wheat

Bowing to an unseen king

To watch ballet of the air


Holding a crown of dominance

Upon a groomed head

Spikes earned through time

Tiptoeing with polished hoofs

Too proper for the dirt

High in the clouds

To smell the fear

Masked with majesty

The prowling burglar


Needing supper

Few paces behind

The sun itself

As it beats down

Upon hope

Still galloping

Sure of nothing

But to run

To think of what it would be like

Pirouetting in the sky

Far away from danger

With a firm belief in your skill

To witness a murder

The jealous girl

Slicing at her enemies

Who dance with ease

To watch the leg fall

Whistling through crisp air

The body following

Triumph pierced by triumph

The dancer waving her white flag

To see the teeth

Sink into the airplane’s throat

Hope gurgling out

Mixed in with blood

Silver whispers

To lower your eyes

Unable to watch



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