3 Annoying things about my mom

Only three made the list this year. That doesn’t mean there’s only three. These are just the ones that drive me craziest.

    1. When she chews and talks at the same time. It’s not my mom that’s the problem, it’s more of a condition I have that makes it hard for me to hear certain sounds without getting inexplicably insanely awfully mad, but that’s not the point – haha. frustrated teenAnyone chewing anything annoys me, and the thing is, when one thing like chewing makes me angry everything a person does after that makes me want to scream. So, with my mom being the person I spend the most time with, her chewing gets on my nerves a little more than normal.
    2. When she doesn’t finish her sentence. I know I have probably covered this in one of my other posts, but it’s a real problem. There’s nothing like getting home from school and being a human speech prompter for something like “You need to put your sheets on your-” Ummm…on my what? This is another example of something that isn’t only something my mom does, but that the majority of the human population does, and it irritates me beyond measure. I feel like they start their sentence off great, and then-
    3. When my mom asks me the same question over and over. Sometimes my mom will be on her phone, then she will ask me a question. I’ll answer, then she will be silent for a second, then ask me the same exact question. This will happen multiple times, until I’ve had enough and I don’t answer until she looks up from her phone, by which time she is usually pissed off. What happens next is pretty clear if you’ve been committed to reading these posts.

All in all, I love my mom very much. And the ones you love most know how to annoy you to the moon and back, right?  Right.

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