Portrait of a bad teacher

I don’t think many people realize how hard it is to teach someone something. You can’t just tell someone what to do. You must have patience, and a step by step plan for the students who just don’t seem to grasp the idea.29448885 - crazy smiling woman in the eyeglasses on the blackboard background

Most of my teachers have been very good at this, and they have chosen the correct career. However, I’ve had a few bad teachers. Some have been bad at teaching/getting a point across, others have simply just been afraid to work with kids. For this post, I’m not going to talk about those teachers.

I once had a teacher who was a narcissist. You might be thinking, “Wow, all the buildup for something like that?” Well, yes and no. Let’s call this teacher, “Teacher.”

Teacher couldn’t go a day without talking about herself. No matter what about, if the lesson had to stop for Teacher to put in a little anecdote about her life, so be it. Teacher would constantly ask if her outfit of the day made her look okay, or give a little too much insight into her personal relationships. Even in the middle of a lesson, Teacher would make references that were completely irrelevant to the lesson. For example, the day after a mass shooting, Teacher connected a story we were reading to the Twin Towers and that mass shooting, and asked us to analyze what the killers were thinking. Not only that, but Teacher wanted us to delve into the minds and pick a side; was the person insane, or was that person a murderer? The class complied with the direction Teacher gave us, but wasn’t very happy doing so.

Some students who were in Teacher’s class have reached out to school administrators, but they never seemed to do much. Don’t get me wrong, I was learning in Teacher’s class, it was just a very uncomfortable, almost too informal atmosphere. For example, Teacher flirted shamelessly with a certain gender in the class, and hardly batted an eye at the other, completely ignoring that gender when they had questions or anything along those lines. That’s another thing. Teachers are generally supposed to answer questions and encourage students to ask them in order to develop their minds, right? Well, apparently that’s not how Teacher rolled. I remember very clearly one time I went up to her desk to ask a question about an assignment, and Teacher cut me off saying, “Alright students, I’m not answering any questions, because I’m clearly doing something,” and then Teacher turned to me saying, “Go back to your seat, I’m in the middle of something.” Yes, I would have been fine with this answer, if Teacher hadn’t snapped at me like I was the antichrist.

Teacher couldn’t really give a care about how the students feel. That was pretty clear. But bearing through it has helped me to learn something timeless: patience.

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