5 Things My Daughter Does That I Love!

shana_5-things-i-loveIf you are a parent of a teen, you probably have a list of things that drive you mad about your teenager.  I did and I shared that in my last post, where I rant about the short list of things that Margaret does that I can’t stand.

In this post, I will RAVE about the things she does that I absolutely love – just the top 5 out of so very many.  And in those crazed, hair ripping out moments when I’m looking for a brick wall to bash my head into, I try to focus on what I love about my tween daughter.

So here’s my short list:

#1  Margaret makes me laugh

Margaret has the gift of good comedic timing.  That, along with her tendency to be extremely facially animated, makes her hilarious.  I’m not a believer in reincarnation (sorry Shirley MacLaine), but if I were, I’d say Margaret is the millennial version of Lucille Ball.  If gay men across the country end up having pictures of Margaret everywhere, I may have to doubt my Catholic faith and give Shirley a call.  Until then, Margaret is my private comedian.

#2 Margaret acts like  a “know-it-all”

For those of you who read my last post and saw this as one of things I hate about what she does, bear with me here.  Yes, I’m recycling – why not be efficient?

When I was growing up, if we didn’t know something, we called 411 – information. I know it was for phone numbers but you’d be surprised how much the people who worked as the telephone operators knew.  It was kind of like a pre-Wikipedia – you didn’t know if you could rely on the source, but you trusted them anyway.  Mainly out of sheer laziness.  It was easier than having to go to the library and deal with the Dewey Decimal system.  Now, I have Margaret. Because she’s a “know-it-all” she goes to great lengths to prove that what she is saying is right.  Which is great because she does the heavy lifting for me.  She’s my modern day 411.

#3 Margaret cares

I gravitate towards people who have big hearts.  They tend to be more down-to-earth, introspective, loving, and forgiving.  That’s Margaret.  She cares so deeply about God, her family, her friends.  And those she doesn’t know.  The best part is that she’s actionable.  For example, she started an “anti-bullying” club at her day care when she was 8 because she wanted to protect the younger kids from the older bullies.

#4 Margaret creates

I think we can all agree that the term “artist” is fairly broad in definition. But when I think of an artist, I think of someone who loves to create.  Someone who creates is really someone who looks at the world in all its many facets and is constantly conjuring up ideas – and then acts on them.  Margaret is that person.  I really do wish I could transcribe all of the thoughts in her brain in a day.  Sort of like Dumbledore’s Pensieve only for ideas, not memories.  I’ll be the first to download that app.

#5 Margaret loves cats

Margaret contracted feline fever when she was in utero from me.  We volunteer together at the National Cat Protection Society in Newport Beach and we love to spend time with the resident cats who are too old to be adopted out, as well as the younger ones who are waiting for their next owners.  (The kittens are Margaret’s favorites.)  It’s heartening how the common adoration of yellowish-green slanty eyes, stank breath, sandpaper licks, the occasional violent hiss, and fur stubbornly stuck to the inside of our nostrils has become a necessary component of our mother-daughter bonding.

What do you love about your teenage daughter?  Make a comment…or even better – tell her.  God knows we are always telling them what we don’t like, right?

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