Bullies and other not-nice kids

So, I was bullied for five years by a group of girls that were characterized as the “popular” ones in our grade in elementary school. I was never “cool” back then, but I like to say that I was never a “weird” kid either.

I was a “normal” friend; kind, pretty smart, traits people would have liked, I think. But for some reason, these girls decided they didn’t like me. They actually really hated me. And so, these girls would make my life basically hell. They would spread rumors, ignore me when I tried to talk to them, and just make fun of me.

I remember one time this girl invited me to play tag, then tripped me when I began to run. Overall, it was just a bad situation. I really should have done something about it, but I let it happen; I stuffed my feelings, and didn’t tell anyone in depth about what was happening. Eventually, I was strong enough to tell these girls that they needed to stop – but by that time most of them had matured enough to stop on their own. So, in short, I really never learned how to deal with situations like this.

Now, my little sister is experiencing some of the same things. Not so much bullying. Yet. For example, one of her best friends was playing with another little girl, who excluded my sister from the group by telling her she couldn’t play with them. Also, another close friend has been trying to control her. She has been trying to tell my sister what to do and get my sister to play with her exclusively when my sister likes to play with a lot of kids.

One thing you should know about my sister is that she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She goes along with almost anything you want her to do, which makes her an easy target for people like the girl she thinks is her close friend. She has recently been discovering that she has a backbone, and the ability to say no to people. This was something my parents and I had been worried about a bit. But, back to her backbone (ha). If I had my way, I would make sure they never hurt my sister’s feelings again.

M&F rocking chairI repeat: If I had my way, I would make sure they never hurt my sister’s feelings again. But for now, I’ll stick to scolding the little girls when they do make any move to be mean.

I guess it’s just the overprotective big sister in me.

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