Who Will Buy?

Have you ever gotten a mixed feeling? I’m not talking about just being angry and sad and happy all at the same time. I’m talking about looking out a window and having a rush of “surrealness” wash over you. Well, I’m going to talk about that in this post.

First of all, surreal is the word I will use a lot in the post because, well, most of this feels unreal and floaty. The feeling, or song, rather, that I will use to describe this experience is Who Will Buy from the musical Oliver!. The general aura of the song is a taste of what I feel sometimes.

This past summer, I spent six weeks living at my grandmother’s house, two hours away from my house, for a theater intensive/camp. It’s a bit weird waking up in your own house for the first time in a month and a half, wouldn’t you think? Anyway, when I woke up I got the rush of floaty surrealness. When this happens sometimes I’m just very calm. Other times I want to do something productive, like clean the whole house. And sometimes I will just stare out the window as if in a trance. And yes, two hours just sitting and staring into space wastes a lot of time.

I generally get this feeling whenever I make a big change. Maybe after a big fight. Sometimes after I recover from having the flu. When I change schools. Start school. Start summer vacation. Sometimes, I will just be bored and be walking around the house and get the feeling of just being filled with a fluid happiness.Elephant

I don’t quite know what this is, but I know it happens a lot to me. Like I said before, the song Who Will Buy from Oliver! gives me a little bit of the feeling.

Have you ever gotten a feeling like this? Here are a few words I would use to describe it:











If you’ve ever had a feeling like this, what words would you use to describe it?


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