Stop pretending you’re listening to me

My mom gets distracted easily. Because of this, I have a foolproof way to tell if my mom is listening to me. I start by saying, “You aren’t listening, are you?” Whether or not she really is, she says, “Yes, I am!” Then is ask her to repeat the general idea of wDistractionhat I stated or asked. Like I said before, it’s foolproof. Either she states exactly what I said verbatim (which makes me feel silly) or she says something fragmented which is how I know she wasn’t really listening. Sometime, when she hasn’t heard a word of it and can’t make anything up, she admits to not knowing.

Many times my mom is not listening because she is on her phone. My mom’s phone is really the main source of distraction for her because she’s really terrible at doing more than one or two things at once even though she thinks shes can. It’s often that I’ll see her walking slowly down the hallway, with her head down. I’ll go up to her, wondering what’s wrong, and then I’ll see  her phone in her hand. This kind of makes me wonder why she gets so mad when I’m always on my computer.

My dad also gets annoyed when my mom is using her phone  – especially when we go out to restaurants.  I remember this one time when my dad got really mad at my mom because she was trying to use her phone secretly under the table. However, my dad figured out what she was doing pretty quickly because – A, she was looking down for a while, and B, she wasn’t talking. (Let’s just say my mom is a total chatterbox.)

Here’s a typical example of our dialogue when my mom’s not really listening to me:

Me – “Mom, tomorrow my class is having an end of school party, and I need to buy red plates.”

Mom – “Mmhmm…”

Me – “Are you even listening??”

Mom – “Yeah.”

Me – “What did I say then?”

Mom – “Tomorrow you’re school is having a plate sale?”

Me – *facepalms*

You get the idea.


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