girl singing with notes in air

Recently, I had an audition for a show. It was the third show I’ve auditioned for at my school. I attend a school of the arts so the competition is pretty high. When I got to the audition, I was surprised to see how few people had gotten there – only about 5. That quickly changed to over 80!

I was pretty confident about my song. As we got in line to get our numbers, I recited the lyrics to my song in my head. Before I knew it, I was at the front of the line. Fourth?! I thought I would be later!

I began to get worried. I talked to some of my friends to calm down, and before I knew it, I was in the audition room. The first person to go was my friend Ian. He had an amazing piece, and performed it beautifully. I started to get a little nervous. Finally, it was my turn. Every person that went had seemed like they took an eternity.

I started very strong. Then I got off tempo. I struggled to get back on tempo, trying to get a grip on the words. At about the half mark of my song I got back on track. I became the character I was portraying, Wednesday, again, and hit my last few notes with the strength I had practiced for so long. The judges smiled and nodded as I sat down.

Overall, I was very happy with what I had done, and that doesn’t happen often. I don’t always walk out of an audition and say that I’m happy with what I did. But I did this time. And that’s really important.

Life  is a lot like an audition to some people: they make a small mistake and then they “don’t get the role,” and are sad for the next weeks, months, and in real life, years. So don’t treat life like an audition. Remember, when you get off key in your song, there’s always that next show that you can try out for. Even if you don’t get a main character in someone else’s show, just know that you’re a lead in yours.

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