My pet fish: Flip and Zip

fish-eating-fishI once had a fish named Flip. Now, this wasn’t any ordinary fish. Flip was a thing of beauty – a little minnow with a huge heart. While I was up at my grandmother’s house, she took me to a park in which they had a coy pond. We also found out that the place had a river running through part of the park. Being the 6-7 year old that I was, I insisted upon going to see the river. When we got there, I was instantly fascinated by the baby minnows. I seriously wanted one, so we went to the cashier and asked if we could try to catch one. She gave us a cup and told us to stay out of the water – I was ecstatic. I spent almost 40 minutes trying to get one. When my grandmother finally told me that we had to go, I was devastated. I had been determined to catch a fish! With one last sorrowful swipe at the water, I sloshed a bit of the pond onto the pavement by accident – but low and behold, a baby minnow had been swept out too. I cupped the minnow and gave it some water and rocks, and, glowing, bounced back to the car (let me tell you, the lady was amazed I had a fish and wasn’t wet!). When we got home, I kept the fish in a bucket with water and holes until we got home. Then, we got a tank and some cute blue rocks – I named the fish Flip. It was the first fish I had ever had and was very happy!

A few months later, my parents and I agreed we could get another fish to make Flip less lonely. Everybody had been saying to get a Betta – but we weren’t sure. We went to Petco and tried a few different fish.  The first one, died within two days. The next two lasted all of a week. The last hope was a minnow just like Flip, but I guess there can only be one Flip, because he kicked the bucket overnight! We went to a fish store and asked the person why the fish weren’t surviving. He said that the water was the wrong kind, temperature, and pretty much everything else. He said to change the water, or get a Betta – which was the best choice of fish to go with Flip. (Little did we know, Bettas are natural predators of the type of minnow Flip was.) We got a big red Betta, and I named it Zip. The two fish lived happily together for quite a few days. Then, one morning, my worst fears came true. Part of Flip’s tail was missing. I frantically told my parents, but my father waved it off and told me that he was probably like that already and I was only just noticing. Calmed down, I went to school all day like normal. When I got back, my fear had come true. Flip was gone, and Zip was dead. I asked everybody if they had taken Flip out to clean, or maybe forgot to take Zip out while they were at it – nobody had. Concluding, my Betta had EATEN my pet, then DIED of food poisoning from him. Long story short, it’s still a touchy topic and I’ve never had a fish after that (if I ever do, I have the perfect name: Flip!).

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful story of personal pain!

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