In Honor Of Momma’s Birthday

img_1921I wrote this poem for my mommy because it’s her birthday, and each line means something different, and special.

Momma Who

Momma who

Shines like a newborn sun

Heals wounds with a single touch

Loves more than love itself

Whose eyes sparkle when she laughs

The sound of stars twinkling in the night

Always forgives

Is stronger than anyone

Who you cannot stay cross towards

Always thinks of you first

Wants nothing more than a thankful smile and a hug

Is a giver

Stays when you feel sick

Who is saddened by your depression

Is playful as a dog

Will not forget

Loves the sunset

Momma who stays in your heart

Who is lost, trying to find a path

Will not show pain

Loves her emotions

Has ideas as bright as the sun

Is sometimes hurt by harsh voices

Is different

Is good

Momma who

Is mine

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