Holiday Joy

What do you think of when you hear the word holiday? A big jolly man giving gifts? A baby lying in a manger? A big ham dinner? Family and friends sitting around the fire? Well, for me, I think about joy. Not just the joy of getting gifts, the coming of Christ, eating dinner or seeing family and friends. No. I think about the joy others feel for all of those things. There is nothing that fills my heart up more than seeing other people’s faces light up as they open gifts, pray, eat, and talk. I also enjoy these things, (I still love getting presents, like any kid would) but in a different light.

During the holidays I work on trying to think about the Lord and how he gave us all of these joys. Yes, it can be hard to think about our creator over the clutter and jumble of the holidays, and I’m nowhere near perfect at it, but in my eyes trying your best is enough. I also like to think about worldly joys and spiritual joys. For instance, a worldly joy is something man made, society based things to make us happy. Like video games or television. A spiritual joy is something that brings us closer to the Lord.

This season, I hope that you, the reader, encourage yourself and others to think about spiritual joy, and if not religious joy (because I know not everyone has the same faith), try and find happiness within the joys of others. Because true joy doesn’t come from material goods or time-sucks. It comes from within.

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