That’s not what I’m thinking mom

My mom just posted what she thinks I think in a 3-minute time span. She’s wrong. This is what I think about what she thinks I think:

  1. Yeah that happens a lot
  2. Same with that
  3. I don’t think that!
  4. This is killing me from the inside out. Mom doesn’t even know the concept of Minecraft.
  5. Well, I will admit to that.
  6. I don’t ever think that.
  7. Yeah, sometimes that passes through my mind.
  8. I don’t really care if dinner is ready while I’m playing Minecraft TBH.
  9. Who runs out of coal?!
  10. No, it doesn’t really register that Mom’s calling me.
  11. There’s a whole buildup to going to the Nether! (Cut scene, I’m burning in lava.)
  12. *Insert bashful face here*
  13. I only play Minecaft in the summer
  14. Duh!
  15. Hold on folks, this could get bumpy!
  16. *Insert second bashful face*
  17. Why do you keep saying darn?
  18. I wish I could tell when I’m about to strike diamonds. BUT I CAN’T!!
  19. Well… this is awkward?
  20. That’s even more awkward! Mostly because it’s really something I think about!
  21. Well you got one thing right. (She had to edit the post because she thought you could turn Magma Cream into Blaze Powder.)
  22. Yes, pleeaaase don’t! Dad doesn’t care anyways.
  23. Yeah… mostly because I just died in the Nether. And yes. I burned in lava. Shhp Shh SSHH! Not. A. Word.
  24. No no! I can’t stop ignoring you yet!
  25. Yes, yes! I am rolling my eyes! That unsatisfactory feeling? That’s petty anger! Mwahahahahaha!
  26. Ugh, not only that, but tons of other petty reasons.
  27. Well, I’m usually the one to die, then learn the tactics and beat them. But hackers. Hackers take forever to kill.
  28. Well duh! Who wouldn’t?
  29. I don’t even watch him! Mostly because he’s not real! It’s StampyLongHead. And even then, I don’t watch him!
  30. *Sniffle*
  31. OK I’m done with this post

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