Approximately 3 minutes inside the head of my 12-year old

I recently stumbled upon a post by Jason Good called Day 215: Approximately 3 Minutes Inside The Head of My 2 Year OldIt made me laugh remembering those terrible twos-days. So I got to thinking. Do we really understand what is in our kid’s heads just because they start to communicate through speech?

I say no. In fact, I think it was MUCH easier for me in many ways to decipher what my daughter’s thoughts were at 2-years old than it is now that she is 12.  And sadly, that’s probably a really good thing.

So here’s my interpretation of Margaret’s emotions that last approximately 3 seconds. Click here for Margaret’s responses.

  1. I’m feeling unexplainably sad
  2. I want to play Minecraft
  3. Yay, I’m playing Minecraft
  4. I want to code a mod that will hack that tower
  5. I love playing Minecraft
  6. Why is my sister watching Power Puff Girls in here?!
  7. Oh, this is a good episode! Too bad I’m playing Minecraft
  8. What? How can dinner be ready ALREADY?
  9. I need more coal!
  10. Darn, Mom called us for dinner again
  11. I hope when I die I won’t go to the Nether
  12. I’ll pretend I didn’t hear her call dinner so I can finish this game
  13. Did I finish my homework?
  14. Oh yeah it’s vacation
  15. Mom’s calling dinner again
  16. Oh good, my sister is ignoring her too
  17. Oh darn, my sister is turning off the television
  18. Oh, I’m gonna strike diamonds! I can’t stop now!!
  19. Shoot, I shouldn’t have yelled, “after I finish this game!”
  20. I wonder if my online opponent really is a 55-year old fat man pretending to be a 12-year old girl?
  21. I need blaze powder
  22. No, Mom, PLEASE don’t tell Dad I was ignoring you to play Minecraft
  23. I’m feeling unexplainably angry
  24. NO, I can’t stop playing yet!
  25. No, no, I’m not rolling my eyes!
  26. Please tell me my sister did not just tell on me that I’m not setting the table
  27. For heaven’s sake, kill this guy!
  29. I wish Stampy Longhorn was my dad
  30. I’m feeling unexplainably sad again
  31. We’re having chili again? YUCK
  32. Yes, I know, I don’t get paid for sitting around paying Minecraft
  33. That would be so cool to get paid to play Minecraft
  34. I don’t think they paid me my allowance last week
  35. They definitely didn’t pay me last week
  36. I wonder how much fringe sandals cost?
  37. wonder if Mom will let me wear fringe sandals?
  38. I thought Mom said we were going to have soft tacos for dinner
  39. I hope they don’t ask me to say the prayer tonight
  40. Should I pray for starving kids in other countries?
  41. Mom put too much chili powder in again
  42. I’m feeling strangely happy
  43. My sister is chewing like a cow
  44. I’m going to set my clock to 4 am to play Minecraft
  45. I wonder if my friends are all on Google Hangouts now
  46. My sister’s got them wrapped around her finger
  47. Why do they always give me so much to eat?
  48. I’m hungry
  49. I can tell my mom is DYING to check her phone at the table but won’t because Dad will get mad
  50. How old did they say I have to be to get an iPhone?
  51. My dad is very funny when he’s in a good mood
  52. I’m going to build a mod to destroy hackers tomorrow
  53. I’m feeling strangely unsociable
  54. I wish we had a dog so I could feed it my dinner
  55. I’m going to create a new skin on Minecraft called Catarama tomorrow
  56. No, I’ll call it Pegasus
  57. The chili wasn’t that bad
  58. I wish there was an app to send leftovers to the starving children
  59. I’m still hungry
  60. I wonder if Mom will get mad if I make a quesadilla
  61. I’m going to go play Minecraft
  62. Repeat

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