The Carbage Can

My parents own a Dodge Charger, and at first they didn’t want us to eat in it – after a while we started to sneak food in and it just became a habit. My mom has a pet peeve about eating in the Charger, and leaving our trash. Now, I can see this. You get into your car and you just see a wrapper hanging off the seat. It gets to the extent where she screams at us. Then, we take it out, and mom gets better – but then the next car ride there’s more trash.

If you really want to know why it happens, I’ll tell you. Most of the time when your kid is in the car eating something, they aren’t thinking little devious plans of dirtying your car. They’re just thinking about the music on the radio, their day, or what you’re saying to them. If you distract them a lot, then they’re bound to forget about the wrapper – or at least that’s what always happens to me. I am eating, then I forget about the wrapper, because my mom is always talking to me. Sometimes I consciously remind myself to take my trash, and I either think about it too much and forget, or get caught up in grabbing other things. In the end I usually always forget. I know that I have a bad habit. I really need to stop leaving my trash in the car.

What’s really strange is I have OCD to an extent. It bothers me when there is trash in the car – well, kinda. Here’s an example of us getting out of the car and going into the house after she picks me up from school.

Me: Eats fruit snacks pack. “Nom nom nom.” Holds it consciously.

Mom: “So how was your day?”

Me: Puts down wrapper to grab backpack and pull out agenda. “Well, today we were assigned a project in which we were advised to bake a baked good.” (Er, scratch that – I’m not that articulate.) Here’s a better example: “Eh, we got a project or something. It’s like, cake or something. (Says incoherent word that sounds similar to ‘like’.) “I don’t know.”

Mom: “Cool, remember you have Krav tonight. Any other homework?”

Me: “Yeah, I have some math problems and a bit of history notes.”

Mom: “How long do you expect that to take?”

Me: “At this point has forgotten all about the fruit snacks wrapper.” (I’ll bet you did too.) “About 30 minutes.”

Mom: “OK. I’ll be working in the office if you need me.”

*Cut Scene To Next Morning*


I  hold the trash until she gets to school.

Mom: “Good, now throw it away when we get there, okay?”

Me: “Yep!” We arrive at school, and I throw the wrapper away.

The next day, we repeat the whole process again but hopefully it’s not as much trash. I call it, the evolution of the carbage can.

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