Margaret’s Trash (mtrash)

mtrash is a problem in our house – or rather – my car.  My two daughters are almost 6 years apart, but only one of them regularly uses my car as a trashcan. And it’s not the 6 year old.

Here are some common places I find my 12-year old, Margaret’s, trash stashed inside the car:

  • In the cup holders
  • On the sides of the seats (conveniently wedged in just enough to prevent it from dropping out of the car when she exits – wouldn’t want to litter after all)
  • In the gap next to the door handle (a favorite of mine)
  • On the floor in the back
  • Shoved under the seats

This activates what we call my “crazy brain” – an inability to process too much clutter causing me to go bezerk.

Similar to the room mess dilemma I blogged about previously, I have three options:  1) ignore it and try to control my crazy brain while I am driving or 2) clean it up and risk getting into an accident or 3) train Margaret to pick up her mtrash. Option #2 is what I generally end up choosing to the best of my better judgment (in my defense, I wait until I’m at a full stop at a light, though I am guilty of rear-ended a very expensive car a few years ago while reaching for my phone that fell on the ground). Why do I do this instead of option #3?  Because she’s almost never there when I discover the mtrash. And I have crazy brain.

It’s a short-term resolution, I realize. The problem with my choosing option #2 is that she is never going to stop. I’m not only a mess-enabler, I’m also an mtrash enabler.  I need to teach her the lifelong lesson that she needs to be responsible for picking up her mtrash. So I’m determined to crack down on the mtrash syndrome. Here are a few ideas I came up with that I think might help me.

  • A honking-like alert that activates the moment mtrash leaves her hand – like the obnoxious one at Target that reprimands you when you don’t take your credit card out of the “chip” holder
  • A field force inside my car that both recognizes and repels trash when the passenger tries to shove it somewhere it doesn’t belong
  • A voice activated, Siri-type technology that says, “Margaret, that banana peel does not belong in the car. Hold it in your hand until you reach your destination and throw it in the trash or be ejected from the automobile immediately.”

A mom can only dream…

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