I Thought We Got A Cat, Not A Pig?

About a month ago, my family adopted a kitten named Wilbur. Well, his name was originally Krueger, after the Freddy Krueger. This was because he tore apart the National Cat Protection Society worker when they were domesticating him. We changed his name to Wilbur because my mom has always wanted a pig. You know, Charlotte’s Web? Anyway, he seems to be warming up to the house. We haven’t had a kitten this young in a long time!

The first day he was under the couch instantaneously and wouldn’t come out for ANYTHING. Over the next couple of days, he warmed up to our other cat, Maximus Decimus Meridius (Maxi for short). They are now playing together and all is mostly well.

Honestly, for a few days, I didn’t know if I even wanted Wilbur. Maxi just seemed depressed – not his usual self. I just couldn’t bear to see him that way. Like I said, they warmed up to each other, but Wilbur still brings back tearful memories of Bella, a cat we lost several years ago. I think that Wilbur will grow on me (he’s more of our cat’s friend than ours, as the lady at Nat Cat informed us when we took him home).

It’s strange that we found Wilbur at a rescue shelter. Haha. “Found.” The thing is, we actually did find Maxi at Hart Park. I spotted him first, so I call him my cat. He kinda is, since he’s the warmest to me. He’s just as playful as Wilbur is. Now Maxi acts like an old man, at the “ripe” old age of 8, he’s become a curmudgeon.
img_0377still love him.

I don’t really know how I feel about Wilbur and that may last for a while. On one level I feel like I’m replacing my old cat, Bella. However, on another, I feel like Bella has been reincarnated in Wilbur, like he’s still here with us, just in a different body.

I know Bella’s still here with us, and he’ll always be. In our hearts and souls.

Our beloved Bella
Our beloved Bella

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