Gettin’ Political

I know what you may be thinking. get-policical“You’re just a kid, you’re too young to know anything about the election.” Well, you’re incorrect. I’ve gotta say, kids these days aren’t as clueless as you think they are. A while ago, I got into a heated debate with one of my peers over whether Hillary Clinton should be in jail or not. I say that she should, but that other politicians should also be put on trial. From a kid’s perspective, it doesn’t really matter too much who wins, as long as everyone’s still safe. Now, this may sound snobby, but I’m only 12 and I really understand each of the candidates. Trump thinks he can run the office like he runs a business, Clinton has experience – being in political spheres for around 3 decades really helps. I think that one of the reasons Trump had/has such a big following is that he speaks to the crowd in a new way – he says mean things about other people. Trump doesn’t have “new” opinions – they aren’t important or interesting. It’s the way he expresses them. Clinton is smart, sly, and female.  With “female” comes different, new, intriguing.

To be honest, I really want Clinton to win. She has done some pretty bad things and probably should have been be put in jail – but shouldn’t all politicians? The reason I don’t want Trump to win is because he is completely childish, indecisive, and frankly, he hardly possesses the mental capacity to lead our country. Like I said before, our country is not a business. Trump is used to  giving orders. By that I mean he thinks that he can run the show by himself without even needing to tell people what to do.

This is kind of strange, but there’s a YouTube video that pretty much sums up the election. It’s a song by a man named Jon Cozart or Paint, and the video is called “Politiclash.” Here’s the link:

Sure I’m just a kid, but I have a pretty decent debate for a 12 year old. If you don’t agree with me, you can try to change my mind (maybe over hacked email or something.)

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