5 Things My Mom Does That I Love

Here are the things my mom does that I love.

Number 1: My mom is an honest person. My mom always tells the truth. That helps me a lot. To be honest, I’m not the most honest person in the world. See what I did there?

Number 2: My mom sings in the car. I love that my mom sings. My mom is a triple threat, and so when she sings I get to take notes.

Number 3: My mom is (almost) always happy. My mom is always putting her family before herself. If she’s tired, she’ll do everything she can for us before she does anything for herself.

Number 4: My mom makes up little songs. To add on to her “normally happy” mood, she walks around the house making up little songs, clapping her hands, clicking her tongue. It just makes me happy when she does that.

Number 5: My mom is always there for me to talk to. She consoles me when I feel sad and helps me when I’m hurt. She never dismisses my problems as “anything more than a boo-boo.”

mags-5-things-i-love I love my mom.

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