Dirty words make your teeth rot

This is what my mom won't do anymore
This is what my mom won’t do anymore

For a long time, my mom’s cussed. She’ll admit it, too. She’s said every bad word under the sun (well, cuss words. Not racist words.) It doesn’t make her a bad person. It just makes it worse when she gets mad. I don’t know other people whose parents cuss, but they seem like they have better relationships w/their parents. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the whole, “no cussing” thing has brought my mom and me closer together.  Sometimes she might say a bad word or two, but otherwise, she’s doing better. Hopefully in a little, while the house will be semi-clean – in a word sense.

What I should probably be talking about is how it makes me feel when my mom swears.  Usually when my mom swears I don’t realize that she is even swearing, if you know what I mean. It just doesn’t register at first.  Then afterwards, I start to think about what she was saying because I have to do that because, sure, I’m a deep thinker. It kind of makes me feel like she doesn’t care about what she is saying, that she’s just saying things she doesn’t mean, which in some cases makes me feel better because I know she didn’t mean what she was saying.  Then again, in other cases it doesn’t makes me feel very good.  If she’d stop swearing completely it would  make her sound more educated and it would make her seem like she had more self control.  Now that she’s stopping, I’m pretty glad because I feel like it brings her closer to us because I’ve seen other families whose parents don’t swear and I feel like they are closer to their parents than I am with my mom (although I already have a good relationship with my mom so when she stops swearing for good it will make our relationship even better than it ever could be).  Even though this may sound like I am making excuses, my mom doesn’t swear around other kids thankfully.  Anyway, it just makes me feel a bit angry inside because she tells me I shouldn’t cuss but she is setting a bad example as a role model when she does.  Now that she’s swore to stop, she’s becoming someone I can actually look up to for her her ability to speak well.

Anyway, I wanted to say that I’m very proud of my mom. She’s come very far in the past few weeks, and I acknowledge that. Sometimes mom has trouble admitting things. My family is very stubborn. Also, my mom has said she will stop cussing. She’s tried. Those times? It lasted about a week. This time, I believe in her. I think she’s serious. Mom can do it.  Like I said before, it will allow us to grow closer together. It will also bring my mom closer to God. Dad. Mena. Everyone. And we can help her do it. By telling her. Every time you cuss, go brush your teeth. (We’ll get her this REALLY SPICY toothpaste, and her mouth will be on fire every time she brushes.)

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