It’s not a mess – it’s my navigation system.

Speaking from a child’s point of view, sometimes the logic is this. Why do you need to be tidy – and why do mom and dad care? They don’t go into your room for stuff. If I know where everything is, that’s good! It doesn’t matter if it’s messy as long as I can get around. Now, sometimes, there is the chance that you don’t make your mess, or maybe you didn’t even know it was there. This sounds extreme – let me explain. Let’s just say you had a long school day and you come home and change. Maybe you forget to put your shirt in the hamper because you were thinking about something. Then, you try to close your drawer but it bounces back open because you’re skirt is hanging out. You’ve already turned around, not noticing, so you just leave it. When you go into the living room your mom tells you to put your shoes in your room – but you really wanted to finish the video you were watching, so you throw them into your closet, completely oblivious to the fact that your long sleeve shirt & dress just fell down.

That’s just the start. This mess could accumulate for days. Finally, when you come back into the house feeling like you just want to chill & read a good book in your room, it’s a complete mess! Your first thought? Close the door! Second thought? The book will have to wait. Third thought? I’m hungry. So now that you’ve cleaned your room, and it looks fantastic, of COURSE you’re going to show your parents! Who doesn’t like to be praised for doing something special? (Now, only children around 5 to 10 do this – ages above would just proceed to “chill and read a good book.”) When you are done, you feel even happier inside! Now, you get to read a book. During the book, your parents call dinner. Where does that book go? Right back into the shelf. Right after a “room cleaning spree” you generally feel obliged to do your best to clean your room – however this usually lasts for about a week. After that the whole process starts over. (For younger kids, sometimes they don’t feel obliged to keep their rooms clean, and the process starts over in around 5 hours). For me, I like to just put efforts in to keep my room clean. My mom goes crazy when my room is messy. What I don’t get is that it’s not messy that often. I think that she’s either blind, or just attracted to messes. I swear, she comes into my room when it’s either messy, or when I’m making a mess. My excuse? I’m an artist. But that’s a whole other story.

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