The wonderful outhorrors – er, I mean outdoors

This weekend, we went camping at Santa Margarita Lake – though it wasn’t very much of a lake. It was more of a depressing pond. Let’s just say we’re not going back there again – not with the drought and all.

Hmm, let me think back to the beginning. Oh yes. So, we all piled into the car, everyone excited for a nice, relaxing camping trip. After 6 excruciating hours in the car, we finally arrive at our destination. Our campsite. When we pulled up, everyone’s faces turned to shock. The site didn’t have any trees, so there was no shade, it had Andy Gumps for toilets, and – the worst part in my head – there was a yellow-jacket trap right next to it – which meant that there was a nest somewhere! Our saving grace was that it was a ghost town, and we were able to change our campsite. We ended up getting a would-be great one. It was right next to the real bathrooms with the showers, and it had lots of shade – a bonus was that we had a little set of steps that led up to a third table above our campsite. It had a great view. However, there were a ton of bees that would swarm every time we ate. We ended up eating in the tent a couple of times. What was great was that nobody got stung. I guess on most levels it was very relaxing. We met some friends across the way who had one of the other best campsites. We played with them 1 day, and relaxed the second. The yellow-jackets actually gave me a new appreciation for bees. Lemme tell ya, yellow-jackets are downright b****es! Well, at least the ride back was ok. All I have to say is, it’s good to be back. Camping is great, but home sweet home, you know?

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