Being a daughter…

I’m sure you  know and remember what it feels like to be the kid, innocent and misunderstood – ok, well…

I’m going through that stage right now. The time and the place when everything starts to change. You know what’s even better? When your mom is going through the adult version at the same time! It would make for a great blog, huh? Wait a second… oh yeah!

So. What’s it like to be a daughter in the life of me? Well, lemme tell ya. Sometimes you want to bang your head against the wall, but sometimes you just want to give everyone free ice cream. After a while, you start on a good chunk of pondering Life.  (Have you ever thought about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking about thoughts? About thinking?)

My mom and I couldn’t be any more different – but, simultaneously, we’re the same! Mom is bold, while I like to keep my thoughts to myself. However, mom is outgoing, and I’m great at making friends (sometimes). Key word sometimes. My mom and I are both into the Arts – but I’m a visual artist and she’s a dancer. Does it really matter that we’re so different and alike? Yes, it does. It’s the basis of our relationship. If I was mom’s “mini-me” I don’t think we would get along so well. Besides, my mom doesn’t want me to grow up and do the things she wants me to do. She wants me to accomplish my goals.

Oh, and please, tell me a better way to express feelings and grow closer together than writing a mother-daughter blog?  We’ll find out so hope you’ll stay tuned!

PS – today’s my birthday.  I’m 12!

My mom and me on my birth day!

2 thoughts on “Being a daughter…

  1. Congratulations!!!! Genevieve and I wanted to send our love and wish Margaret a very Happy Birthday!!!! We are looking forward to reading!!!!


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